Category Design Layout Help

I’ve created a revised SW6 Category Page Layout from the SW6 default. The default has the upper section is divided into 2 columns image and description.

We are using Sync4 to mange products on the website and what to take advantage of adding description text within Sync4 as a H1 tag…it works perfectly. We will not be using a category image.

However after the sync the page looks good except for the text is located to the right and not full across teh 4 columns

From my experience with joomla and framework if I have 2 columns and assign content to 1 column only when view live the browser disapply the content full width because there was no content added to other column.

SW6 does not not follow that same principle.

Problem, there is no option in the SW6 layouts to added category description only which would be a must have element to have.

Looking for a workaround that would either hide the left column of the section and have the text span the 4 columns above the pagination section.

Please see screen gabs

any suggestions?

Found a solutions using product name and logo element then changing the element mapping to Data mapping: with custom css to change text color

another issue is the element tis no inline with the left navigation. Tried setting custom margin but no changes

any suggestions