Bug: Continuous logging out during work in admin panel

Hi Guys!

Is anyone able to tell me what should I do to stop logging me out from the admin panel during the work there? Since I started with Shopware 6 I have the same problem that is really annoying. The system logging me out when I work with the admin panel and I can’t find any documentation on how to stop that…

  1. It logs me out during the data migration process. The migration process takes a lot of time, but every 5 minutes I have to check if I’m still logged in, because if not - the process stops.
  2. It logs me out when I work with products data. I change a lot of things, clicks „save“, the system redirects me to the login page and then I have to do that again. I have to click save button every few minutes because it could log me out. That’s annoying…

Does someone have a similar problem?


are you using an older Shopware Version by any chance? There was a bug that caused users to log out after a short period of time. This was fixed in Shopware Issuetracker

Thanks for your reply! We use Shopware so it looks that the update should solve our issues. Thanks!

Still not fixed. At least once a day shopware logs me out of the admin panel while working in it.