Bug: Continuous logging out during work in admin panel

Hi Guys!

Is anyone able to tell me what should I do to stop logging me out from the admin panel during the work there? Since I started with Shopware 6 I have the same problem that is really annoying. The system logging me out when I work with the admin panel and I can’t find any documentation on how to stop that…

  1. It logs me out during the data migration process. The migration process takes a lot of time, but every 5 minutes I have to check if I’m still logged in, because if not - the process stops.
  2. It logs me out when I work with products data. I change a lot of things, clicks „save“, the system redirects me to the login page and then I have to do that again. I have to click save button every few minutes because it could log me out. That’s annoying…

Does someone have a similar problem?


are you using an older Shopware Version by any chance? There was a bug that caused users to log out after a short period of time. This was fixed in Shopware Issuetracker