bin/console storefront:hot not compiling custom theme


I’m using Shopware 6 and want to create a custom theme. So I followed the manual and installed my “custom” theme. I started with some SCSS and ran the command “bin/console storefront:hot”. Then I visited my webshop and noticed that the style isn’t compiled. I kept the command line open with the command and changed my file, went back to the terminal and noticed that a change was found and the compile command didnt do anything. I decided to take a closer look at the terminal output:


Starting Execution of ‘storefront:hot’ (’/Users/donnyvangrondelle/Sites/Shopware/client-name/development/dev-ops/storefront/actions/’)

(1/2) Starting

> bin/console theme:dump

(2/2) Starting

> APP_URL=https://shopware-nl.local PROJECT_ROOT=/Users/donnyvangrondelle/Sites/Shopware/client-name/development/ ESLINT_DISABLE=true npm --prefix vendor/shopware/platform/src/Storefront/Resources/app/storefront/ run-script hot


At the last line, I’ve spotted that the command is compiling the theme that is in the vendor folder and not the on in the custom/plugins/MyTheme.

Anyone has a answer for me? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Did you set isHMRMode to true in shopware-root/vendor/shopware/storefront/Resources/views/storefront/base.html.twig

{# set isHMRMode = app.request.headers.get('hot-reload-mode') #}
{% set isHMRMode = true %}