Backend Plugin's Manager cannot be extended


I try to extend the backend/plugin_manager/(secure_)plugin_uninstall in order to have a custom question-uninstall process.

For that I followed this tutorial: and I couldn’t make it work, because of the missing {block name="/backend/plugin_manager…"} tag in the app.js of this plugin. 

Is there another way that I can have the same output by using other technique?

Thanks in advance!

ist das Moeglich? oder nicht?


for the missing “block” tags you could create a ticket at, so the devs can fix it for the time being. 

As a “quick fix” you could subscribe to the “indexAction” (for the app.js) or “loadAction” (for any other file of the plugin manager) as you always do for backend extensions. Then you could just “echo” your extension:

    public function onPluginManagerLoadAction()
        echo <<

This example will replace the PluginManager’s window title with “foo” - it should work for anything else as well.

Don’t get me wrong here: It’s an uggly workaround - and for any other module our documentation applies. But this hack might get the job done until the core devs added some blocks to the plugin manager. Perhaps its better to wait for that - or even better: Fix it, create a pull request on GitHub and we can have it fixed quickly. To be honsest: I just wanted to check, if it *can* be done - it seems it can :slight_smile:


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