Accessing default context in version 6.1.0


I am trying to migrate a plugin that was compatible with Shopware 6.0.0 to the new version 6.1.0 RC2. However, I am having an issue with accessing context. The problem is that the method \Shopware\Core\Framework\Context::createDefaultContext() has been marked internal in this new release, and plugin code heavily depends on it, and not only in controllers, for which I know that context can be passed into, but also services. In the documentation on Shopware 6, it still stands that the context, if not provided, can be manually created by calling this static method. What I want to know is if this is true, or will the plugin fail the review if I keep these methods calls in the code. If so, could you please provide another way to access default context when there is no way to retrieve one from the request?

Thanks in advance!


I found a few plugins in the store by now which are using this internal method.