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After I have defined 2 languages in the settings of Shopware 6, I can set a specific URL for a specific language in the Sales Channel settings and the language switch will appear. But how do I configure the Sales Channel to use the same URL for all languages (and use cookies to store the language selection). The use of the same URL gets rejected there. Is this option somewhere else available in Shopware 6? It seems to be available in Shopware 5 according to the Shopware 5 documention as a sort-of sub-store, but Shopware 6 looks totally different and lacking these specific instructions.


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    Hi Eric,

    I did have a look into the settings of Shopware 6 and Shopware 5 and yes indeed it is right, that you can not define the same URL for different languages/locales at the moment whereas in Shopware 5 this was possible because there was no validation on those domains. 
    I opened an issue tracker ticket concerning this specific feature:

    Updates to come to the ticket directly!

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