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The request is done to the api order endpoint /api/orders of just deployed Shopware 6 test shop site to the dev environment.

Postman is used. HTTP Basic authorization is used by request Authorization header with the value "Basic YXBpdXN...",

where YXBpdXN... is the base64 encoded value of “username:access-key-ID”.

access-key-ID is the Access key ID value, generated at the admin panel for the username user. Read and write permissions were given for the access key. Also that user was logged out / logged in.

The response of the request is:

    "errors": [
            "code": "0",
            "status": "404",
            "title": "Not Found",
            "detail": "No route found for \"GET /api/orders\""
Also the same No route found error is for any other api resource: articles, categories, etc, also for just the api endpoint.

Sending get request for just the domainname url responds with the correct html page.

Could you please help why the api resource routes are not found ?


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