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Hi guys!

I have question is it possible to use sql script to handle all setup data  for some plugin. For example shop configurations and etc also the internal plugin data that is used in the plugin like names or something like this. 

I managed to do only some basic data like create my subshops and categories. Are you guys know where i can find any configuration data of plugin in shopware database and how i can institate that data  by sql script.

I tried to use
https://developers.shopware.com/blog/2018/01/23/how-to-use-environment-variables-for-plugin-configuration/, but it doesn't work for me. I just wanted to have all configuration possible to do via sql. Could you guys help me ? Thanks!

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    The configuration is stored in the s_core_configuration table. Maybe some plugins that doesn't use a simple configuration will use own table/data structures to store their configuration

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