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have a hosting package at On the server PHP runs in version 5.5 as a module. Other versions can be addressed via htaccess. 

There is a module as a performer. In the net, however, I found this contradictory .

So what's faster: module or FastCGI? 

What would you guess what to use? There is apparently also the problem with use as a module that I have to give the file ownership to the PHP user (www-data), so Shopware file operations (media upload) can do. But then I have no access via FTP? 





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    Mod-PHP is started as part of the webserver, so every php process is a webserver process (simplified). FCGI or FPM are not part of the webserver, in the php process can scale without scaling the webserver too. On small setups this won't make any difference, often mod-php is the easier choice. On large setups with lots of visitors / parallel processes FCGI might be the better solution. So in short: fpm/fcgi is faster than mod-php in most cases.

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