SuperdaveNLDSuperdaveNLD MemberComments: 2 Received thanks: 1 Member since: August 2018

Hi Guys,

I want to start a shop for my employees, which can earn voucher codes (or coupon). I want to give a coupon for 50euro, my employee MUST order exactly 50euros or more.

But I want that the employee can chooses sometime for 40euros as well.

So my question, how to disable the minium order value validation in the cart?

Kind regards, Dave


  • Moritz NaczenskiMoritz Naczenski AdministratorsComments: 8582 Received thanks: 2541 Member since: September 2013

    Hello Dave,

    there is no easy way to do this, the only way I know is to add this logic via plugin.


  • PStadtfeldPStadtfeld MemberComments: 382 Received thanks: 94 Member since: August 2017

    Maybe using the advanced promotion suit 'n binding the voucher to certain aspects like kind of article, category, user group or such?

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