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Hello, is there a way I can change the Advanced Menu setting, that menu won´t show its content on hover but on the click?


  • PStadtfeldPStadtfeld MemberComments: 415 Received thanks: 104 Member since: August 2017

    Depends if the hover-effect is set in a tpl-file, in that case you could simply overwrite it with the onclick event.

    Though, I think shopware creates the navigation on-the-fly inside a javascript file (just a guess!) so you might have to change that one instead...


    I think there was a way to remove and add such events by jquery which is included in shopware by default.

    Might be easier to create a js-file that removes the hover event with an on-click one inside a loop over the navigation.


    I'd suggest you clone your shop to a test system, grab the developers guide and fiddle around a little.

    Even if you screw the shop up, there won't be any harm since it's just a clone and if things turn too ugly you can always re-copy the shop over it ;)

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