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Hi all,

I'd like to remove this section when a user is creating an account within our shop as this information could be completed during the checkout process but so far I haven't found any easy way to deactivate this as those are required fields. I image I could create a plugin to override the default behaviour but an easy solution would be appreciated



  • dmayakdmayak MitgliedKommentare: 10 Danke erhalten: 2 Mitglied seit: April 2018

    The simplest way I can think of is to edit /frontend/register/billing_fieldset.tpl, and add conditions to each field which change address fields to hidden type and place some placeholders into field values to pass validation if user is on registration page. For example:

    <input autocomplete="section-billing billing street-address"
       type="{if $sTarget=='checkout'}text{else}hidden{/if}"
       placeholder="{s name='RegisterBillingPlaceholderStreet'}{/s}{s name="RequiredField" namespace="frontend/register/index"}{/s}"
       value="{if $sTarget=='checkout'}{$form_data.street|escape}{else}Your street{/if}"
       class="register--field register--field-street is--required{if isset($error_flags.street)} has--error{/if}" />

    The problem is that Shopware redirects registered users to the 3-rd checkout step, where they can instantly click order placement button without noticing that their address is composed of placeholders.

  • robertoroberto MitgliedKommentare: 36 Danke erhalten: 1 Mitglied seit: April 2017

    Hi @dmayak

    Thanks for your reply. Exactly that wouldn't be an ideal solution as the customer will be entering wrong data and creating an order with fake information, need something to transform this bit in a non required fields at this point


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