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Hello, I have many questions:

Website:  (italian version)

  1. It’s possible delete the valutation/reviews board from product detail page? (top circle photo1)
  2. It’s possible edit this info and link? (bottom circle photo1)
  3. It’s possible change „note“ for bookmaker? (photo2)
  4. It’s possible add a „under costruction“ page? I often need to modify, update the product catalog or do a  test and I do not want customers to see this right away. It would be useful to insert a user who can see everything even during maintenance.
  5. It’s possible delete the “compare” button?
  6. It’s possible have when I select a product, and I enter in a detal product page, do I first look at the filter with the lowest price and in the ascending order the highest one? 
  7. It’s possible setting the home page logo over 1200px? Now it’s small for me
  8. I have a problem with contact page, when i compile a form for contact support when I write all form, even if I enter a valid email address I get this error. Why? (photo with arrow)

If is possible describe and necessary describe me step by step to resolve this problems, thanks!



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